Thursday, February 17, 2011

Second Chance

We pray He delivers

We pray for another chance many times throughout our life's journey. "Lord please allow me another opportunity to do it over again, I promise I will be better." And each time we are given those second chances, well here is the story of my second chance. 

August 21, 2000 at 4:36pm, I was given the gift of love by a beautiful 6lbs 11oz baby girl, Markajah Nakia.  I knew the moment she exited her mother's womb that I would love her with every beat my heart would develop. Though my love for her has never changed even to this day, I still wasn't the father I should have been to her. I should have tried harder to stay when I was asked to leave. I should have pushed more when I was told I wasn't wanted around. I should have called more when the phone was available, but I didn't. I should have been there more for the little things, the special moments. So I begin to pray. I begin to ask for forgiveness. I begin to ask others to pray for me and my situation. I was given the second chance through Christ, through answered prayers, through love.

God blessed me with a second chance at fatherhood.

No, I can't replace what is lost, but I can prevent myself from making the same mistake twice. 

On the 23rd day of January  at 10:24am, she was born, Mckenzie Savannah. 

I vow to be there more, to capture the special moments. The coos, the cries, the boo boos... I will be there to answer those questions of curiosity, those moments of doubt. I will be there more with the camera to capture the images of dissatisfaction and the images of happiness! I will be there more for moments of love. I will be a Father to her and not just a dad. 

This is my second chance! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Water Falls

A lot of times we find ourselves chasing something that is not there. A lot of time we are tempted by the  tempter and disappointment is the end result. Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful things in the world but can also be the most deadly. Think about a time when you were caught in the moment; in mind everything would be o.k this one time, but reality delivers the end result. Trouble. Now you are drowning in many nights of sorrow, many nights of loneliness. Where is the life jacket? Where is the life guard? Where is the life support? Don't go chasing waterfalls...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

I want to introduce you all to my baby sister Janice. We are closer than the blood in our veins. Although she has grown to be a beautiful young lady, she is still my baby sister. Janice visited me over the weekend for some family fun when the opportunity knocked to shoot her. I couldn't pass on the opportunity to capture her beauty for the world wide web to see. The shoot went awesome! She really made me as a photographer look experienced. Thank you baby sis, I love you. 

Tell me people, about a time when the opportunity knocked for you and you did or did not answer?

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This piece was driven by the economy.

Chris comes home to his family after a short day of work. The look of disappointment clouds his face. His wife is ecstatic of his early arrival, but very confused. Chris greets her with a dry kiss. She wonders if this could be due to another bad day at work? Could it be another meeting with Human Resources because of sexual harassment allegations? "Chris, is everything okay?" she asks. Chris faces his wife and releases the four words that many families have heard, "I lost my job..."

What would you do? Where would you go? Who or what would you turn to if this was you?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Beginning (EyeRonic Shots)


It was October 19, 2010. I remember begging my wife to let me pick up my camera early. I convinced her that I would use it to shoot photos of her on her birthday; she fell for it. I remember years ago shooting with my first 8 mega pixel point and shoot camera. It was a Canon Power shot A80. It wasn't your typical image capturer, but I made it work. I haven't moved away from the point and shoot since I am currently shooting with a Nikon P100, but the world couldn't tell the difference with the way I close the shutter. My work is my passion; it defines me. Eyeronic shots is my work. EyeRonic Shots, is an equitable photography company based on moral values and pronounced principles. We strive to make our photo-shoots personal. "The trust of your subject is more valuable than any photo."
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